Livargen is used for liver and Skin problem hepatitic issues alcoholism . It improves the digestion  .


Kutki –

  • It is very helpful in shield the liver from toxins ,stress and the environment.
  • Improve the bile and liver ducts become healthy by  its supportive treatment.
  • It is Very important for empowering skin problem due to bitter  taste.
  • It maintain the immune system as well as improve  the function of the lymph gland .
  • Maintain the inner skin of the respiratory system and maintain the integrity of the small intestinal
  • It is very beneficial in reducing bilirubin and revert the liver damage.
  • It also used  severe jaundice .
  • It contains the anti-inflammatory and  antioxidant molecule which  inhibit the necrophilia   activity and helpful in reducing the information.
  • It also reduce the glucose level in the blood.
  • it is also used in the diarrhea,piles as well as fistula  among other stomach  condition .
  • It acts against lipid per oxidation thus reducing the risk of arterial plaques and atherosclerosis.


  • This help in fighting of various digestive concerns such as acid reflex diseases indigestion as well as hyperactivity.
  • It has anti thrombotic and anti arrhythmic properity  help in dissolving of blockages as well as improve  the blood flow.
  • It contain anti tumor and antioxidant properties which helpful to reduce tumor growth.
  • it  very beneficial in the reduction of inflammation and pain among a majority of joint muscular pain for e.g osteoarthritis ,gout etc
  • it also removes the visceral ,hepatic and vascular abstraction.
  • It is also good for patients suffering from anemia.
  • Its seed very beneficial to support liver health and treat liver related problem.
  • it also cure menstrual disorder.
  • Root of this plant is used as a good expectorant especially in case of severe bronchitis.


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